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Our Story

Our Funeral Home, located on North Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst, housed the first funeral home in the village. It was the home of Charles Heling who was the former Mayor / Funeral Director of Lindenhurst Village.

In August of 1958, Richard H. Johnston established The Wellwood Funeral Home. He was 43 at the time and a long time resident of Lindenhurst. His son, Richard D. Johnston followed in his footsteps returning from Germany after the Vietnam War. Richard has been involved with the day to day operations since the late 60's and as of 2018 just recently retired.

Richard's son, Eric Johnston is now the third generation to take on the role as a Licensed Funeral Director/ Manager.. This makes Johnstons' Wellwood Funeral Home one of the oldest family run Funeral Homes in Lindenhurst. Eric is keeping many of the traditions his father has become known for, while making a few new ones of his own.

Our Facilities - Fully Provisioned for the Handicapped


We are fortunate to have one of the largest chapels in our area with enough room to gather approximately 200 people combined whether they be standing or seated.

If we have more then one family reposing their loved one we can close off the room at the halfway point, allowing enough room for each family. We like to be able provide the large chapel to everyone when we can, however we can never predict when our services are needed and our families understand that we will do our best to work with you and the room selected for your family.

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